The Art Institute International - Kansas City

Welcome to The Art Institutes International - Kansas City. This is a place where you will learn to transform your creativity into style, communication, and function. It's where you'll develop the ability to step back from the jumble of thoughts you've scribbled in a notebook, recognize your best ideas, and turn them into great concepts. It's where you'll discover how to transform those concepts into work that is marketable.

With a knowledge of new tools and a portfolio of their best work at graduation our students...

The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago

The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago is located in two facilities in downtown Chicago. The larger of the two campuses is situated in the Merchandise Mart and the satellite campus is located on the corner of Lake and Wabash avenues and features the student-run restaurant The Backstage Bistro.

The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago strives to provide...

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Art Institute of Kansas City